Measuring Your Weight Loss Progress On The Scale? There is a Better Way!

When I start working with men over the age of 40, invariably many of them want to lose a lot of weight within the first 3 months.

Which is an amazing goal to have.

Now what they really mean by “weight” is body fat.

Because obviously “weight” and “body fat” are measured differently.

In fact, your weight has nothing to do with the amount of body fat you are carrying.

Let’s take an example of two men that are over the age of forty.

They both weigh 220 lbs.

But one is super muscular and the other one has a belly.

They both weigh the same, but their body composition is different.

Fat and muscle weigh the same, expect muscle is denser and takes up less space in the body, hence you can have two individuals that weigh the same, but the composition of their bodies is completely different.

This is why it is important not to use the scale to measure your weight loss success.

Let’s take the following scenario…

You start a typical “diet” and in the first few week’s things are going well.

You step on the scale daily and see a steady drop.

But then something happens in the second week, you step on the scale and the weight stays the same.

In the third week you see a minimal drop of weight…

And by the end of the month, you have completely stalled and do not see the scale move at all.

This is typically what happens when you are following a traditional low-calorie diet.

The problem is that when you use the scale to measure your “weight loss” success. That number doesn’t show you anything relevant.

The number that you see doesn’t consider any other variables that are happening inside your body.

Do you ever notice how you are lighter in the morning and heavier at night?

Obviously, you didn’t gain fat in a 12-hour period.

What happened was you drank liquids and ate food that increased the volume of your stomach and hence you “weigh more.”

And what about if you weight yourself on Monday and then on Tuesday you weigh yourself again and see the number on the scale go up?

Well, the body does not gain fat in a day — unless you’re really eating a large quantity of the food type…

Usually, fluctuations in weight on the scale is due to your body increasing or decreasing intercellular and extra cellular water in and around the cells and organs.

So, the truth of the matter is that the weigh scale is the poorest way to measure if you are successful or not at losing your extra body fat.

You must be able to measure what is happening INSIDE your body so that you can see if your body is reacting well to your daily nutritional protocols.

With the men that come into The BioHack The Fat Body Transformation System, we have them test their glucose levels and ketone levels every second day, so we can see if their body is using their own body fat for energy.

In addition, we can calculate if their body is using more body fat for energy the glucose, using something called the Glucose Ketone Index!

This is very important as our Biohacking coaches are given this information by the client throughout the week.

These internal biomarkers are so important to determine if the nutritional protocols that the client is on is working.

If we see that the glucose levels are too high and the ketones that the client is producing is low, then adjustments are made within the client’s nutritional protocols.

This is why the clients that enter into the Biohacking Body Transformation System get such amazing results, because we focus on measuring what is happening inside the body and adjusting their scientifically backed meal plans on a weekly basis.

No more second guessing…

Which is exactly what happens when you step on the scale every single day, your second guessing yourself and not sure if your diet is working for you.

Now is the time to stop stepping on the scale and use your internal Biomarkers as the guide for you losing body fat correctly.

Enrollment for The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System is now OPEN!

It is time for you to become a Biohacker and lose your extra belly fat for life!

To get started go to our website below ad click on the “Get Started Now” button.

Once you click that button you will be able to schedule a phone call with one of our Biohacking Coaches.

Trust me, the scale is not your friend when it comes to losing your excess body fat.

The only true way is to Biohack into your body fat stores by incorporating the nutritional protocols in The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System.

We look forward to helping you break the habit of stepping on the scale on a daily basis.

Because there is a way better way to measure your weight loss success.

A MUCH better way!

Your Biohacking Coach and Founder of Biohacked!

Trevor Folgering

Trevor Folgering — Biohacking Your Body fat



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Biohacking Your BodyFat - With Trevor Folgering

Biohacking Your BodyFat - With Trevor Folgering


Helping Men Over 40 Lose 40–60 lbs. Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Months Without Dieting or Going To The Gym 6x/Week!