The #1 Reason You Can’t Lose Weight After 40!

When it comes to losing weight, there has been so many lies, and half truths spread in society…

It’s really sad because you deserve to have the body and health you desire!

The problem is that for over the last 65 years you have been told to do the following:

1) Restrict calories to lose weight.

2) Exercise a lot more and you will lose weight.

Both of these statements are lies and are keeping you from actually losing the weight you want.

You see, losing weight has NOTHING to do with restricting calories or going to the gym.

These lies have neem around for decades and decades and really are the reason for you not seeing the results you want.

So, let’s take a look at how you can lose the weight properly and never gain it back again.

The Ugly Truth When It Comes to Losing Weight

The truth is that losing weight is about one thing and one thing only!

It’s about regulating hormones in the body that control energy release or storage.

There are 4 powerful hormones that dictate if you are storing the foods you’re eating as body fat or if your body is using body fat for energy.

These four hormones are:

1) Insulin

2) Glucagon

3) Ghrelin

4) Leptin

Insulin and Glucagon control the how your body uses or stores body fat.

Ghrelin and Leptin control your daily appetite, cravings and how hungry you feel or don’t feel.

All of these hormones are affected by the types of foods that are eaten and have a positive or negative impact on your weight.

How to Truly Lose Your Belly Fat

If you want to truly experience weight loss like no other, then you need to control all 4 of these powerful hormones in your body.

So how do you do that, you may ask.

By consuming the right foods, in the right combinations during specific times during the day.

This is the only way to truly lose the belly fat….

Because food can switch on or off the fat-burning process in the body.

And the foods that you have been eating have been switching OFF the fat-burning process.

So now it’s time to change that.

In our Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System, we give you 6–12 scientifically developed meal plans that SWITCH ON the fat-burning process.

These meals go to work and drive down the hormones that are responsible for fat-storage…

And they increase the output of your fat-burning hormone called Glucagon.

In addition, our meals are very satisfying, tasty, and easy to follow.

You won’t experience any hunger pains, cravings or feeling like you’re going without…

Because our meals are designed to drive down your hunger hormones so that you feel satisfied after each meal.

You won’t crave foods because your appetite will regulate and your cravings for sugary foods will be gone.

That’s the power of Biohacking.

Now it’s time to experience the power of Biohacking for yourself!

Enrollment is now open for our Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System!

Click the link below and get started in our system today.

Once you become a Biohacker, you will never want to go back to your old eating habits again!

It’s time to experience the truth when it comes to losing body fat.

Experience the power of Biohacking to transform your health and body!

Get started today!

Your Biohacking Coach and Founder of Biohacked

Trevor Folgering




Helping Men Over 40 Lose 40–60 lbs. Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Months Without Dieting or Going To The Gym 6x/Week!

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Biohacking Your BodyFat - With Trevor Folgering

Biohacking Your BodyFat - With Trevor Folgering

Helping Men Over 40 Lose 40–60 lbs. Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Months Without Dieting or Going To The Gym 6x/Week!

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