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Trevor Folgering — Become a Biohacker in 2022

Don’t create a New Years Weight Loss Resolution come January 1st!

You will fail!

Statistics show that 98 percent of people who set a weight loss resolution at the beginning of each year fail miserably.

You want to go against the grain in 2022 by changing how you go about losing weight in 2022.

Instead of going on a “diet” and suffering for a month or two to lose a few pounds, I am going to show you a completely different and radically new approach to shrink your body fat.

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with exercising in a gym 6 days a week, which leads to burnout and injuries.

Instead, you are going to experience the power of Biohacking to lose your belly fat in 2022.

What is “Biohacking Your Body Fat?”

Biohacking involves changing how your internal biology operates so that your body uses its own body fat for energy each day.

Right now, reading this your body operates in a “sugar-burning” metabolism.

This means that everything you do in your life gets fueled by sugar that is in the bloodstream.

When you eat any type of food that is predominately made out Carbohydrates, your body breaks that down into glucose.

One of the main problems with fueling your cells with glucose, is that excess glucose in the bloodstream gets converted to Triglycerides, which will get stored in your body fat stores.

Going on a low-calorie diet keep your stuck in a “sugar-burning system”

Exercise won’t help either, because you’re fueling your exercise with glucose, not your own body fat stores.

Biohacking allows you to switch your bodies metabolism to a “fat-burning system” where it is possible to tap into your own body fat stores and use your fat to fuel your daily activities.

This is so exciting, because when you become Biohacked, losing weight become super easy!

It won’t be a struggle like it was in the past and you won’t have to go on a miserable diet or so countless hours of exercise in a sweaty, overcrowded gym!

How to Start Biohacking Your Body Fat

The first thing you must do is change the TYPES of food that you’re eating.

Food is a drug, and like drugs foods signal the body and brain to act differently.

Some foods tell the body to store body fat, while other foods can directly signal hormones to begin the fat-burning process.

You want to eat certain foods that signal the body to release your Fat-burning hormone Glucagon and reduce your hunger hormone Ghrelin.

If done correctly you can eat foods that signal the body to become a fat-burning machine giving you the power to use your own body fat for energy 24/7!

The best part of being a Biohacker is that you don not have to take any type of pills, powder or potions.

You become biohacked by combining the right food combinations together to make meals that can increase the production of your fat-burning hormone Glucagon.

However, here lies the problem…

You have not been taught how to do this for yourself.

Biohacking your bodyfat requires you to follow a very specific nutritional protocol.

This way when follow your Biohacking meal plans you signal the body to flood the bloodstream with Glucagon which drives the body to use its own body fat for its energy needs.

No more dieting or crazy amounts of exercise needed.

Right now, you can get started as a Biohacker, by downloading our Biohacking BodyFat Meal Planning Guide.

In this guide we give you to foods that you need to eat for your body to become Biohacked!

Hundreds of men and women have experienced the power of Biohacking and now it’s your turn!

Download The Biohacking Bodyfat Meal Planning Guide for Free and start losing body fat the right way!

If you would like further information about Biohacking and how it can help you achieve the body and health that you desire, then connect with Trevor Folgering who will help you begin your Biohacking weight loss journey.

You can connect with Trevor by clicking the link below and sending him a direct text message:

Experience the power of Biohacking your Body Fat in 2022!

Your Biohacking coach,

Trevor Folgering — Your Biohacking Coach

Trevor Folgering — Biohacking Your BodyFat



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