Helping Men Over 40 Break Their Weight Loss Plateau WITHOUT Going On a Diet!

Each and every day I speak with men over 40 who have been trying to lose the weight and seem to be stuck in a weight loss Plateau.

They may have lost a bit of weight, but just can’t get the scale to move in the right direction or they can’t seem to lose any weight no matter what they tried.

If you are in one of these situations, the following will help you break your weight loss plateau.

Now the first problem is that most men will lower their calories in hopes that lowering calorie will break their weight loss plateau, and in the beginning it may.

Afterall when you reduce calories, your body can sense this, and creates a feedback loop that can help your body use its own body fat for energy.

But there is a problem with this…

That method will never last…

Your body so smart, that in response to the reduction of calories it reduces its own chemical reactions to match the decrease in calories.

Which also includes slowing down the fat-burning process!

So, for you to truly break your weight loss plateau you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT reduce calories.

This will keep you stuck and running on the proverbial weight loss hamster wheel!

What should you do instead?

Well in order for you to break your weight loss plateau you’re going to have to do things A LOT differently…

Maybe try things that may seem scary or different for you…

Here is how you should go about CORRECTLY breaking a weight loss plateau.

1) Increase Your Fat Intake — YES! Adding in healthy fats is one of THE BEST ways to continue the fat burning process. Fats are the “metabolic driver” when it comes to getting your body to use its own body fat for energy. Dietary fat is the catalyst in getting the fat burning process started. The reason is that dietary fats have no effect on the release of Insulin. Insulin is our fat-storing hormones that can covert excess glucose in the bloodstream into Triglycerides and store in your adipose sites.

2) Eat MORE FREQUENTLY throughout the day — Now I am not saying eat every two hours. What IAM saying is eat at a consistent time each day so that you regulate and control the hormones that dictate the flow of energy in your body. You want to time your meals properly so that your body reduces Ghrelin (Your hunger hormones) and Insulin, and Increases the production of Leptin (Regulates Your Appetite) and Glucagon (Your #1 Fat burning hormone)

Doing these 2 things alone will help your body switch from a sugar burning system to the fat burning system!

The great thing about doing it this way is you will NEVER need to starve your body to make this happen. In fact, you will be eating more foods than you would normally be used to on a typical “diet.”

You will be eating more of the RIGHT TYPES of foods to induce fat-burning!

This is the #1 scientifically proven method to help you break your weight loss plateau!

If you’ve been stuck and can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you’ve tried, then it’s time to experience Biohacking into Your Body Fat!

Enrollment for The Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System is now open!

Right now, you can break your weight loss plateau without going on a diet or restricting calories!

And you can get started today, just by connecting with one of our Biohacking Coaches!

All you need to do is click the link below and click on the “Get Started Button” button below the Introductory Video:

Once you enter your contact information one of our Biohacking Coaches will reach out to you via text message and help you break your weight loss plateau!

Remember, breaking your weight loss plateau is NOT about restricting calories — it’s about regulating the powerful hormones that control the release of body fat for the use of energy.

That’s it!

Now it’s time top experience this as a Biohacker!

We look forward to getting your body Biohacked for Life!

Your Biohacking Coach and Founder of Biohacked — Trevor Folgering




Helping Men Over 40 Lose 40–60 lbs. Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Months Without Dieting or Going To The Gym 6x/Week!

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Biohacking Your BodyFat - With Trevor Folgering

Biohacking Your BodyFat - With Trevor Folgering

Helping Men Over 40 Lose 40–60 lbs. Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Months Without Dieting or Going To The Gym 6x/Week!

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