Get Yourself Into Balance and Improve Your Body and Health!

What can you do to get yourself into a High-Performance mode health-wise?

Our cells need Omega 3 and 6 to thrive and to have a soft cell membrane — we talked about this in our lives last week.

Now — 97% of all people are actually completely out of balance and that means that we have way too much omega 6 in our cells.

A result of the poor quality nutrition we are getting today! The result?

Stiff cell membranes that don’t work properly and don’t absorb your micronutrients very well. It also results in inflammation in the body — some feel it by headaches, joint & muscle achings, high blood pressure, brain fog, bad hair quality, dry skin, and many other things.

BUT many people don’t feel anything — and THAT is actually dangerous because we think we are ok. What to do? The first step is to get tested!

This way you will know exactly what your balance and your omega 3 index are. Number two — start on your balance oil right away.

The Balanceoil is a high-quality omega 3 that also has polyphenols to protect your precious omega 3 from oxidating.

Whenever a fish oil is refined — the taste and the smell is taken out and also the precious polyphenols will go out.

That is a BIG problem — because this means you now have an omega 3 that will last from 5–10 hours once you consume it before it will oxidate (it could also taste very bad) this means that your omega 3 is of low quality.

Research and testing have shown that the balance oil lasts at least 35 hours before oxidating!

This means that your cells will get their omega 3 and the omega 3 will continue working to keep your membranes soft. Also tested and researched are the results: 95% of people using the balance oil are back into balance after 5 months.

Start getting your health back on track right now and prevent lifestyle diseases tomorrow.

Get your Balanceoil and test kit right now, click the link below to order your’s today!

Cathrine Tveen Hansen — Health Expert



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