Fats for Fat Loss — Why does this work so great?

Do you follow a high-fat, low-carb nutritional protocol? I have been following this nutritional protocol since 2015 and have always felt amazing when eating higher fats.

I wrote an article that got published in Brainz Magazine last year on how eating higher fats helps improve how our bodies utilize our own fat stores. It’s a very quick read but gives you the scientific breakdown on why this Nutritional Protocol works so well for losing weight. (It has to do with HORMONES) You can check it out here:

The Power of Dietary Fats and How They Can Help You Lose Weight After 40! (brainzmagazine.com)

If you want more help developing high-fat nutritional protocols feel free to join our Biohack The Fat Body Transformation System!

Effective Weight Loss For Men Over 40 — Lose Weight Without Diets (biohackthefat.com)

Keep on Biohacking Your BodyFat!

Your Biohacking coach — Trevor Folgering

Trevor Folgering — Founder of Biohacked



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Biohacking Your BodyFat - With Trevor Folgering

Biohacking Your BodyFat - With Trevor Folgering


Helping Men Over 40 Lose 40–60 lbs. Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Months Without Dieting or Going To The Gym 6x/Week!